1977 – A group of seventeen Summit Seniors founded the Summit County Senior Citizens, Inc. (SCSC) to provide activities and fellowship for the County’s seniors. At the time, there were fewer than 300 senior members.

1978 – Formation of Alpine Area Council on Aging began to outline needed senior services and development of guidelines and finances for a nutrition program.

1980 – 1st Annual Winter Games. Establishment of Summit County Senior Service Program through the Depart-ment of Health & Human Services.

1982 – Senior Nutrition Site officially opened at the Frisco Town Hall (current Visitor Center). Start of biweekly luncheon program – Tuesday and Thursday Lunches, Monthly Potluck Dinners and Meals on Wheels. Also added transportation and home-keeping help.

1983 – Summit County Senior Citizens (or SC Council) started regular monthly meetings at the Town Hall. Fun fact: A motion was made to buy a gavel for the president to use; and it is still around here today

1984 – Summit County Senior Citizens, Inc. (SCSC) formed. State Health Inspector advised SCSC to find a larger lunch/dinner space for seniors.

1986 – Land donation (2 acres on Oct 9, 1986) from the Giberson Family; formal start of planning, grant writing and fundraising for the new Senior Center. Beth Koran became the manager of Senior Services. First application for United Way funds; not yet received in 1987, 1988; request reaffirmed in 1989; funds appear in Jan 1991.

1987 – Board of Directors of the Summit County Senior Center (a subset of SCSC, Inc.) convenes to oversee long-range planning for new senior center.

1988 – Interim site for Senior Center considered

1989 – Move to Frisco Community Center: 3rd and Granite (current SOS Building)

1990 – SCSC received non-profit status (applied in 1989 and not yet received in Sep 1990)

1991 – Community Service Block Grant Program – applied and received funding

1992 – First Computer Users Group met. Addition of third weekly meal at meal site – Monday Night Dinners. 1st Rummage Sale

1993 – Channel 6 televised the 13th Annual Winter Senior Games. There were 183 participants. They had to have two seatings for the Winter Games Dinner.

1994 – 14th Annual Winter Games

1995 – 15th Annual Winter Games, 169 Participants The oldest participant was 91 and he didn’t start racing until the age of 78. Also, there was a Christmas Fair that year.

1996 – First advertisement for the 16th annual Keystone Senior Games on the “Internet”

1997 – 20-year Anniversary of SCSC. 17th annual Winter Games were held in Breckenridge. It was poor weather and someone broke his leg but he was more concerned about his parents who were in their 90s and this person was the caretaker.

1998 – Opening of Community & Senior Center in Frisco Start of Monday Night Dinners with Food Hedz Chef, Doug who worked about 10 hours a week. Carol Rickauer came to work as the Volunteer Coordinator.

1999 – 600 newsletters were mailed to members. 19th annual Winter Games and the oldest competitor was 88

2000 – Preparations for the new building with major fundraising events

2002 – August: *Dedication of Current Senior and Community Center – New Building at County Commons, 10,000 sq. ft.; Opening of Adult Day Service

2004—A large donation was made to SCSC for $110,000 from Dorn Long with one stipulation that their would be an annual Bridge Tournament free for all who attended until $10,000 ran out.

2007 – Beth Koran and Carol Rickauer retire. Christy Nelson works part time as Volunteer Coordinator through the RSVP grant. Kathryn Grohusky comes to work as Manager, part time.

2008 – SCC&SC adds fulltime administrative staff, Lorie Williams. Bristlecone Home Health Services canceled the Meals on Wheels program. Charly Ellis comes to work as additional part time administrative assistant.

2009 – SCSC obtained grant and donation monies to keep Meals on Wheels going. Pat Hutson and Peg Bartko retired from the Winter Games coordination.

2010 – SCC&SC took over Meals on Wheels program. Also contracted for Information and Assistance and Care Navi-gation. Due to the Community & Senior Center’s Strategic Plan, changed admin position to another full time position. Lorie Williams promoted to Senior Services Program Manager. Laura Dickinson comes to work at the County as a part time Events Coordinator.

2011 – Monday Night Dinners discontinued by Keystone Culinary School. County took over all Nutrition Programs from SCSC and hired Cook and Kitchen Manager for the Senior Center. Ellis Simon takes over the Winter Games with Barb Becker.

2012 – Christy Nelson and Kathryn Grohusky leave SCC&SC. Gavin Larney is hired as the new Manager of SCC&SC. Hired new Administrative Assistant, Niki Vincze. Increases service to SCSC by adding Treasurer duties to the Adminis-trative Assistant position.

2014 – Gavin Larney leaves the County and moves to Denver. Laura Dickinson retires. Lorie Williams is promoted to the Manager position. Hire Julia Gidney as part time Events Program Manager, 30 hours per week. Wrote and re-ceived the Summit Foundation Grant. Hired a new Senior Services Program Manager to take Lorie’s place, Valerie Greenhagen. County became members of the Meals on Wheels National Organization. Added the Commodity Food Service Program (CFSP) for low income seniors. Ellis Simon retires from the Winter Games and Barb Becker takes over. Dorn Long’s bridge money ran out.

2015 – Sara Hopkins as a Cook & Kitchen Manager, 30 hours per week. Valerie leaves and Alex Cooper is hired for the Senior Services Program Manager.

2016 – Two 30 hour a week positions become full time, Events Program Manager and Cook & Kitchen Manager. Alex transfers to Youth & Family and SCG hires Rob Rumrill as Senior Services Program Manager.

2017 – SCSC creates its own, stand-alone website, 53 groups are Senior sponsored with over 2000 members. Applied and received the Anschutz Grant to assist with food costs for the County’s Nutrition Programs. Rob leaves and Niki Vincze is promoted to Senior Services Program Manager. Hire Sara Morgen to take Niki’s position as Administrative Assistant. Julia Gidney resigns and Sara Morgen is then promoted to Events Program Manager. We hired a part time Cook to help Sara, our Cook & Kitchen Manager. Catering takes off. Deb Price is hired for the Administrative Assistant position.

2018 — SCSC adopts a new more user friendly database. Winter Games brings in $14,000, the Rummage Sale brings in $41,000. Deb price gets offered a position in the Finance Office and takes it. Vicki Hernandez is hired for the Ad-ministrative position. Lost our part time cook. Hired Janice Pushaw for this position. A donation from Harriett Bobo’s estate was made for $140,000 to SCSC. This is the largest donation to date